Street Series.
In the Street Series I have attempted to blend a sense of reality with everyday societal issues.  Most of my work seems to gravitate towards life on the street.  A life filled with texture and grit.  An existence filled with dampness, cold, grime and shadows.  I have conjured up scenes of homelessness, hopelessness, desperation, violence,  frustration and isolation.  These  are things I see on the fringes of society.  A moment in time, my perception, a slice of life.  It is my hope to generate a cerebral response in the observer.  Perhaps I can create a moment of fear, loathing, introspection, query or even empathy.

Landscapes                     Floral Works

In addition to the Street Series I am presenting  my experiences with original landscape and floral imagery.  I have attempted to translate with watercolor landscapes and floral images that  I see as personally compelling.  It is my hope that the observer finds my literal interpretations pleasing as well as engaging.